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I have downloaded some Guitar Pro files but I can't open them with Guitar Pro 4, the message is "Update your Version", why?

You must install the latest version of Guitar Pro 4 (currently 4.1.0).

The standard notation is not displayed properly (big "B"). Why?

Simply restart your computer. If it is same, re-install the software and restart your computer. Lastly, manually intall the Guitar Pro font in your /Windows/Fonts folder.

Must I uninstall the demo before installing the full version?

We recommend it, but it is not needed.

I can't hear any sound during playback, why?

1/ Verify that the MIDI volume is not cut off in Windows (menu Options|Windows Volume Control).
2/ Go to the menu "Options|MIDI Setup" and select the appropriate MIDI output for the port 1. You can test all the devices available in the list.

Is it possible to obtain better sound quality or other instruments?

Guitar Pro utilises the MIDI output of your sound card. So, the better your sound card, the better the overall sound in Guitar Pro is. The best cards will allow you to obtain a very realistic sound. Another possibility is to use an external MIDI device.

The instrument list is defined by the MIDI specifications.

Note that you'll obtain the same sound quality and instrument list with all MIDI softwares like Guitar Pro.

Bend effect sounds wrong, why?

Basic sound cards don't allow pitch variations higher than 1 tone. For these sound cards, bends are wrong and "Limit pitch variations" in the menu "Options|MIDI Setup", must be selected to obtain a good sound for bends (but limited to 1 tone).

How to delete a bar?

To delete a bar on all tracks, simply use the "Edit|Cut" function.
To delete a bar on only one track, you must first copy the end of the track (after the bar to delete) and then paste it on the bar to be deleted.

How to insert a bar?

To insert a bar on all tracks, simply use the "Edit|Insert" function.
To insert a bar on only one track, you must first copy the end of the track (from the position of insertion) and then paste it on the next bar.

Can I remove the Tablature view?

No. Guitar Pro is a tab editor first, and a lot of tab elements and effects are based on the tab view. So you can't remove the tab view or printing. It should be possible in a next evolution.

How to remove the standard notation for the printing?

Simply remove it for the displaying (menu View > Standard Notation), it will be removed for the printing.

How to configure multitrack printing?

Printing is done like displaying. First select multitrack view (menu View), and uncheck the tracks you don't want to see/print (checkbox "V" in the mix table).

When exporting the tablature to a .wav file, a bad file is produced (no sound or bad sound), why?

Be sure to use the latest version (currently 4.1.0).

When you select the wave export menu, Guitar Pro will ask you to select the input device to use on your sould card. Do not select an external device like the microphone, which will record the sound of your speakers, with a bad quality. Make different tests to find the best device. If none of them gives a good result, you must directly change your sound card setting. In order to do so, please apply the following steps:

. In Guitar Pro, open the Windows Volume Control (menu Options)
. Select Options, Properties
. In the "Adjust Volume for" area, select Recording
. Make sure all the devices have a check mark in them, and click OK
. Verify that the volume is not off for each device
. The selected device is not important because you select it directly in Guitar Pro when you use the Wave Export

How do i know which version i am using?

Go to the menu Help, About.

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