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jai - i believe

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Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 03:16:24 +0000
From: Sofia Ganni <>
Subject: j/jai/i_believe.crd

Artist: Jai
Album: Heaven
Song: I Believe [Acoustic]
Tabbed by Sofia Ganni


Maybe is because ...
I understand the ...
F    G     Am
Why do ... wonder? Why ... old?

A  E         G      D
Oh no, could it ... know?
A  E
And ... now?
G      D
I wonder ... should go

She didn't ...
The things ...
I believe ...
Saying that ...
If you know ...
If you know ...
G       D              Am
I believe ... but I'm too old...

[Verse 2]
Same as Verse 1

Same as above

Same as above

Ends on A


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