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nirvana - all apologies ny

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From: "Matt Flaherty" <>
Subject: n/nirvana/
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 21:47:57 -0500

Album: Unplugged at NY
submitted by:
edited by:
Intro/ Riff 1 x2
E ----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|
B ----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|
G ----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|
D ----------------------|----11-11--9p8-------|----------------------|  =20
A -8-8h9-9--11-11-9p8-|----------------------|-8-8h9-9--11-11--9p8-| =20
E ----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|
   than this once
E ---------------------|
B ---------------------|
G --10-10--9-----------|
D -----------11--------|
A ---------------------|
E ---------------------|
E ----------------------|----------------------|
B ----------------------|----------------------|
G ----------------------|----------------------| x6
D ----------------------|----11-11--9p8--------|
A -8-8h9-9--11-11-9p8---|----------------------|
E ----------------------|----------------------|
What else do I be;                       all apologies

In ....
F                          G  
In the sun, in the sun I'm married

Verse (Riff 1) then Riff 2 x5

G       G
Married, Burried (yah, yah, yah, yeah)

Riff 1 + Riff2 x7
All alone is all we are


more nirvana tabs on

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