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extreme - more than words

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        From: Ric Kelly <>
Subject: CRD:More than words-Extreme
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 95 13:57:58 +0100

                               MORE THAN WORDS
                              Recorded by EXTREME
                      Words&Music Nuno Bettencourt/Gary Cherone


 G... Cadd9... Am7... C... C.D. G...


     G          Cadd9
      Saying I love ...
      Am7             C       D         G
      not the words I want ...

     G                Cadd9
      It's not that I ...

      Am7            C      D    Em
      not to say but if ...

      Bm7   Am7
      Ho-ow ...

      D              G      D/F#     Em
      It would be to ...

      Bm7       Am7       D7              G7
      More than words  is all ..

      G7              C
      To make it ...

      C         Cm              G
      Then you wouldn't ...

      That you love ...

      Am7     D7     G
      I'd  already k...


     G                 D/F#   Em        Bm      C
      What would you do if my heart ...

     C                    G/B     Am7             D7                G
      More than words to show you feel ...

    G                   D/F#  Em7        Bm7    C
      What would you say if I ..

     C                     G/B      Am7
      Then you couldn't make ...

              D7             G
      Just by saying I ...

(Repeat intro x2)


Posted by Ric Kelly(

 Play with fingers and slightly off the beat to get the feel of the song. 
 If possible, mute the strings  between chords to get the percussive
"chunk" that Nuno gets on the album.

Play hard, Have fun

more extreme tabs on

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